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If You can Picture it
You can Stitch It!

If you’re a cross-stitcher looking for software to help you enjoy your craft, your search is over!  Our award winning PCStitch software is the most popular, easy-to-use program on the market.

PCStitch was designed with ease-of-use as the top priority.  Regardless of your computer background, PCStitch is the perfect program to help you get more out of your love of cross-stitching.  It is packed with features, but designed so that anyone can enjoy using it!

Download it today and check it out!

Here's a taste of what you can do:
Importing Graphic file import:   PCStitch can take almost any graphic image and convert it into a cross-stitch pattern. You determine the size and number of colors, and let PCStitch do the rest! The colors are automatically mapped to the floss. Convert something as simple as a piece of clipart, or something as complex as a photograph!  More ....

Pattern Libraries Pattern Libraries: This feature allows you to insert cross-stitch pieces into your designs. You can use libraries created from our Pro software or purchase huge collections of Pattern Pieces!  More ....

Text Text:  Our text features are unmatched by any other program.  Use TrueType fonts, or design your own stitched alphabets.  Lines of text can be centered, left, or right justified.  Show me More....

Borders Borders:  This is a new feature in version 7, and we are really excited about it!  You can design your own borders, and apply them to any other pattern. This is really neat! 

Borders Superior Printouts:  The printing capabilities of PCStitch are unmatched!  You can customize the pattern pages to fit your needs.  Everything from sizing the pages to including the legend on the pattern pages, you really have to see it to appreciate it.

Other Features Include:
  • Easy to Use:   This is always our number one priority!
  • Open PVF Files: Allows you to Display and Print Pattern Viewer Files.  more...
  • Import/Underlay:   Lets you put an image underneath the grid to copy
  • Pattern Browser Panel: Easily find PCStitch files on your system.  more...
  • Specialty Stitches: Drop pre-designed custom stitches into your designs.  more...
  • Complete Design Tools:   Cut, Copy, Paste, Rotate, Flip, Fill, Mirror Mode
  • Multiple Stitch Types:   Use full, 1/4, 3/4, and half stitches
  • Beads:   Add Mill-Hill beads to your patterns
  • Flexible Backstitching:   Attach backstitching to any location in a grid square.
  • Multiple Floss Lists:   DMC, Anchor, Kreinick & Coats floss lists included.
  • Specialty Stitches:   Use over 60 speciality stitches such as the Lazy Daisy.
  • 6 Display modes:   View the pattern stitches as symbols, stitches, or both.
  • Unlimited Zoom Settings:   View as much or as little of the design as needed.
  • Enhanced Rulers:   View rulers as inches, centimeters, or stitch count.
  • And Much, Much More...   Download PCStitch now and see all it has to offer!
PCStitch:  $39.95
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