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The FREE PCstitch Pattern Viewer:
With the free PCStitch Pattern Viewer, you can view and print any existing PCStitch pattern file.  PCStitch format is the standard for providing cross-stitch patterns on the Internet, and this software allows you to open any of these designs.

But wouldn't you like to create your own designs, or make personalized changes to all these PCStitch Patterns?  Our award winning software is the premiere program available today for any cross-stitcher.  See the chart below for a comparison of the free PCStitch Pattern Viewer and our other products to see what is right for you.

Pattern Viewer       PCStitch     

View & Print existing PCStitch pattern files.
Create high quality, custom printouts in any size. Print in color or black & white.
Print licensed designs from
Make your own changes to existing patterns.  Change Floss Colors and add new stitches.
Create your own patterns from scratch.
Place text and words in your designs using existing Stitched Alphabets.
Insert Pattern Pieces into your own creations.
Convert scanned photographs and other images into patterns.
Create your own stitched alphabets to use in future designs.
Place text and words into your designs converted from any TrueType font.
Create and use your own Custom Stitch types.
Create your own pattern libraries.
Export your patterns to graphic images, which can be used on web pages or in other programs.

Which one do you want?

The Pattern Viewer   PCStitch  
The PCStitch pattern viewer can be downloaded for free from our web site.

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The Ultimate cross-stitch software.  The downloaded version prints any pattern.  If you like it, purchase it online and begin using it instantly!

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