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Pro vs. Standard:
Are you trying to decide between our PCStitch Standard and PCStitch Pro versions?  To help, we have put this feature list together to show you some of the major differences.  Some include Pro's MDI interface (view multiple patterns open at once), the enhanced export feature, and the ability to create libraries, fonts and special stitches.

PCStitch Standard PCStitch Standard PCStitch Pro PCStitch Pro

Standard       Pro     
Studio Design Interface SDI MDI
Customizable form panels for common functions
Open PCStitch files (PAT) and PCStitch Pattern Viewer (PVF) Files:   more...
Enhanced for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
Pattern Browser Panel:   more...
Use specialty stitches (as objects!):   more...
Create patterns from graphic images (import):   more...
Graphic File Underlay (tracing)
Cut, copy and paste pattern objects
Rotate and Flip pattern objects
View stitches as symbols, blocks or virtual stitches
Paint (fill), color picker and erase tools
Create text with true-type or stitched alphabets
Mirror mode and auto centering functions
Change font symbols for all palette entries
Clear unused, reduce and convert palette entries
Floss usage summary
Load and save palettes for use in future designs
Insert pattern library objects (like pattern pieces):   more...
Insert existing borders into your designs
Export patterns to Graphic Images:   more... Enhanced
Create Custom Pattern Notes:   more...
Create Custom/Specialty Stitches:   more...
Create Stitched Alphabets:   more...
Create Custom Libraries:   more...
Create Pattern Borders:   more...
Highlight Palette Entries (Where is this color used?):   more...
Include designer logo on pattern printouts
Auto backstitch around a single or multiple colors
User defined palette sort
Select different palette symbols by stitch type
Select different print color for palette entry symbols
Select different print color for palette entry backstitch lines
Export to PCStitch 7 format
Insert Logos and other graphics into pattern notes

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